"I have lost 28 pounds and  Zumba classes with Nefertiti has  helped me along the way. Nefertiti is a great instructor and her classes are nothing but FUN!! ITS LIKE YOUR ARE NOT EVEN WORKING OUT!!"

 "Thank you Nefertiti for being the Michael Jordan of the dance studio: high energy, full court, 360 degree,  point guard for us ladies. I know for me, my energy tonight was on the low side until we hit "They don't know about us" then the spark finally caught fire. Thank you for putting together fun, original and challenging routines that allow us to forget our stress and just lose ourselves for a while in the energy and fun."


"This class is pure fun! Nefertiti's got the moves, and has great energy leading the class. The pace is perfect. Not too easy or slow, but just the right challenge to kick your butt!! You will definitely get a good workout. The music choices are perfect and motivate you to shake it! Best part is you forget its exercise because you are having so much fun! As for the only ladies rule- this literally lets you Zumba more freely."

"Nefertiti is an amazing instructor! I recently started Zumba classes with her and I absolutely love it! Her music and moves make working out very enjoyable, and she has a great personality! I love that it's an all ladies class as well. I strongly recommend to try her workouts"

 "I enjoy coming to your class and getting a complete workout from head to toe. Nefertiti is a person who will challenge you, push you, motivate you & encourage you all at the same time. This is an awesome class & I enjoy dancing, shaking & moving that body with all of the wonderful ladies in the class😊 Thank you!"

"Thanks to the amazing Zumba class, I have been able to lose an amazing amount of weight. Ladies if you are seeking something completely different from the gym scenario I truly recommend that you come out and check it out. Nefertiti truly pushes you to do the very best and encourages you to do things that you never thought possible. You will not regret it. Hope to see you all at the dance floor!

"I love it here! Nefertiti is very knowledgeable. I lost almost 50 pounds with the support of the ladies here and the fitness challenges and groups offered. Such a wonderful safe place to get your sexy on or bring your sexy back with no judgement and lots of love in a super fun way. Come and get Zumba-lucious with us. I promise you'll love it!"

"Been with Nefertiti, the instructor since she started in January 2012. Suffering from a dislocated tailbone I was hesitant about embarking on anything too strenuous which would exacerbate my condition but she maintains an achievable pace in her program. I have had an amazing time and become a fan of Zumba. Her grace, energy and warmth make each class extremely enjoyable. A huge thank you to her for making me a bit less uncoordinated than before:))"

"Nefertiti classes and events are awesome. I've experienced fun, energy, and a great way of socializing with other styles of dancing. I highly recommend her class."

"Attended my first class last night and it was so much fun, Nefertiti is amazing, and because it's for ladies only, you're really comfortable to let loose and get a great workout."